The Grand randonnée 34 is a beautiful long-distance hiking trail that runs along the entire coast of Brittany. It starts in Mont Saint-Michel and runs 1602 km to Saint-Nazaire. It owes its name to the Gabelous, the customs officers of the Ancien Régime, who protected the French interior from smugglers, looters and customs fraudsters from the 17th to the 20th century on paths and customs posts. Since 2008, these paths have been opened as hiking trails. Translated with (free version)
There are campsites along the hiking trail and also various accommodations where you can stay overnight during your hike. Often there are cheaper prices especially for hikers, and in some of the accommodations they even keep extra rooms free, as hikers cannot book in advance. Wild camping is prohibited everywhere.
The route is marked red and white. However, there are different paths, some are only passable at low tide, at high tide you have to use the higher alternatives.
You can find more information in my YouTube video and also under the individual subheadings, each of which deals with individual sections of the hiking trail from Lannion to Mont Saint-Michel.

Der Wanderweg GR 34 an der Küste der Bretagne entlang


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